About NWIC

In the summer of 2011, attorneys in Northwest Iowa learned of and connected with the idea of Collaborative Law. They formed an organization to promote the non-adversarial resolution of conflicts; to promote collaborative law, a process which resolves conflicts with cooperative, rather than confrontational techniques, in which lawyers do not litigate, and in which a multi-disciplinary professional approach to problem solving is employed, thereby encouraging parties to reach agreements in a creative and respectful manner, and to educate the public and the professional community about the process and value of collaborative law. It is the hope of the Organization to achieve more than just results for clients, but truly make an impact on how people in Northwest Iowa interact with one another during and following high conflict situations.

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We are interested in your comments, questions, or suggestions. While we welcome the receipt of e-mail, please be advised that the act of sending e-mail to the Northwest Iowa Collaborative Law Professionals or a specific attorney does not alone create an attorney-client relationship. An attorney-client relationship cannot be created until we consider potential conflicts of interest. We will neither accept requests for legal advice nor offer specific legal advice over the Internet.

Our current officers are: